First Defence Nasal Spray Overview1

Vicks First Defence is a medical device intended to be used at the first symptoms of an emerging cold, or upon exposure to cold viruses, to reduce the ability of cold viruses to replicate in the nose. If used at early stages of a cold it can help to reduce the chances of a full-blown cold.

First Defence Nasal Spray Overview2

Start to use within 36h of feeling sick with the first cold symptoms (e.g. a tickle at the back of the throat or sneezing), before the cold has fully developed. Use up to 4 times per
day. Continue to use for
2 days after symptoms

You can even start
using it when exposed
to cold virus. We recommend
to use for up to 4 days and in case symptoms emerge, continue to use until symptoms subside.


First Defence Nasal Spray Features&Benefits1

First Defence nasal spray acts at the back of the nose directly where the cold virus takes hold and starts to develop. It has a triple action that helps to:

First Defence Nasal Spray Features&Benefits2
  1. TRAP
    The micro-gel formula traps the cold viruses that start to develop at the back of the nose and helps reduce the chances of them developing.
    The micro gel formula inactivates the cold viruses reducing their ability to multiply and spread the infection.
    It then contributes to a nasal washout effect to flush out cold virus by blowing your nose or swallowing.


First Defence Nasal Spray Usage Instructions 1

From 12 years old, use only as directed: without
tilting your head, insert the nozzle into your nostril,
incline the nozzle outwards in the direction of your ear.

First Defence Nasal Spray Usage Instructions 2

Apply 2-3 sprays per nostril and avoid inhaling deeply. Allow 4 hours between applications, no more than 4 applications in 24 hours.

When using First Defence nasal spray, you may experience increased nasal discharge (runny nose), nasal discomfort or temporary stinging. These are normal signs that the product is working. They are not harmful to your health and will not last for long.

If the sensation persists, stop using the product.

In some occasions, temporary headache, pain in the nose, eye, ear and neck have been reported; these symptoms will subside if the product is discontinued.


First Defence Nasal Spray Precautions & FAQ 1

Read the leaflet before use.
Not suitable for children under 12. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to ingredients.

Aqua, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (1%), Succinic Acid (1%), Disodium Succinate (0.44%), PCA (0.35%), Phenethyl Alcohol, Zinc EDTA, Zinc Acetate, Polysorbate 80, Menthol, Camphor, Sodium Saccharin, Eucalyptol.

First Defence Nasal Spray Precautions & FAQ 2
  1. Can Vicks First Defence be used on children?

    Vicks First Defence is suitable for children as of 12 years old only.
  2. Can Vicks First Defence be used together with other cold remedies?

    Interactions with medicinal products or other substances administered nasally is not expected given the inert nature of the ingredients and the formulation, and the common use of several of the ingredients in medicinal formulations such as decongestant sprays.
  3. I can already feel my nose getting blocked. Is it too late to use Vicks First Defence?

    If you are still in the first 36 hours of the cold, Vicks First Defence will help inactivate the cold virus. After 36 hours, the virus has probably developed into a full blown cold.