Sinus & Nasal Congestion

How to identify a sinus headache?

In some cases it doesn’t really take much more than a finger to ease worry, save money, and keep everyone in the family healthy. So limber up those index fingers to learn how to perform this amazingly simple diagnostic head test.


There are nearly as many types of headaches as there are ways to get them. And besides migraines, many people feel that sinus headaches are the worst.

To determine if yours is a sinus-related headache (so you can target treatment), lightly tap your face a few times with your finger. Tap above each eyebrow, above the bridge of the nose, and just below each cheekbone. This is where your sinuses are located.

If you feel a sharp pain when you tap, then your sinuses could be the source of your discomfort. Treat with a combination of decongestants and analgesics. In severe cases, or if you have any doubt about the diagnosis, consult your doctor.